Fuse Lake, Beaverhead-Deerlodge National Forest, Phillipsburg, MT

An easy hike 2.3 miles in with a gradual ascent of 800+ ft. The trail was rocky at times with an occasional peek of the mountains to the east.
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 A climb to the top of the hill overlooking the lake was relatively easy but required some climbing at times. The first 1/10th mile shows an approximate 67% grade easing to a 46% grade towards the top, with a 10% grade reaching the tallest point. I can't say we took the easiest route but taking what looked to be the easier way down shows a 58-63% grade. The northern peak above the lake has views of an intermittent pond to the north, while the tallest point towards the south has impressive views of fuse lake and the mountains to the east.

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