Montana Trail No. 392 Bass Overlook Trailhead to Little Saint Joseph and Saint Joseph Peak. Bitterroot Selway Wilderness Florence, MT

Total Distance:  9.8 Miles round trip
Total Time:  11 hours 36 minutes
Average Speed:  1.4 mph
Ascent:  4462ft
Average Grade:  14.5%

Another trip up Trail No. 391 at the Bass Overlook towards Little St. Joseph Peak, this time all the way up to St. Joseph Peak.  Overall for us this was not too big, but for the average hiker it could be a dangerous trip.

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A note about taking the full trip towards St. Joseph Peak, pay attention to your water supply, during the summer months you will want to refill at approximately 1.5 miles in as that could be your last chance for water.

We were already familiar with the trip up to Little St. Joseph Peak which itself is a bit strenuous depending on your pace.  2.5 miles in topping out at 9055ft we had a good view of what was to come.

Coming down the peak of Little St. Joe we hit the aptly named "Devil's Crotch".  Anyone around 5' or under  could have difficulty making it past this point.  Not sure if your four legged friends could proceed.

There is a ridge connecting Little St. Joseph to St. Joseph which can be seen from the valley floor if you are south of Little St. Joseph.  It's a nice break before the true climb.

A view of the Bass Creek Crags.

A view towards the South, South West.

The obstacles ahead becoming a bit more clear.

This is where the fun begins.  There were talks of skirting the edge of the rock outcroppings but we found it much easier to stay low until towards the end where there is a steep yet clearly manageable path towards the top.  This was the most strenuous part of the hike, a 420 foot scramble at 78% grade. This is approximately 1.9 miles from Little St. Joseph Peak.

Now an easy hike towards what appears to be the peak.

Somewhat of a false peak there's a bit more to go.

Good views of Bass Lake from the back side of St. Joseph.

A view of Sweeney Lake from above.

Looking east across the large relatively flat peak of St. Joseph with Little St. Joseph in the background.

 A view of the path taken from St. Joseph to Little St. Joseph.

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