Montana Trail 233 Wahlquist Ridge Trail to Rock Creek MT, Bitterroot National Forest, Stevensville MT

Total Distance:  11.1 miles (round trip)
Total Time:  8 hours 10 minutes
Average Speed:  2 mph
Ascent:  2814 ft
Average Grade:  8.5% 

Lately Western Montana has been locked down with smoke from the MT and Idaho fires.  Today looked clear so we headed out on a trip through the Sapphire Mountains from the Bitterroot side down to Rock Creek.

Wahlquist Ridge Trail (No 233) starts out easy enough on a rather large road but quickly disappears about a half a mile in.  Bring along or study your GPS / map, if not its still hard to get lost just go east or west.  An interesting hike as its downhill then uphill.

View Whalquist 2012-10-07 in a larger map

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